GordonLonsdaleASCMy love for cinematography started in Bakersfield, California. My parents would drop my sister and I off at the movie theater on Saturday afternoons, while they did whatever parents do when they need a break from their children. It was there I fell in love with film.

In high school an Aunt gave me my first still camera, an Argus Rangefinder. I would spend time in the hills surrounding Solvang California and particularly liked shooting in the old Atterdag College. I was excited to send the film off and wait for Kodak to send back the pictures. From that time forward I was never without a camera.

Flash-forward to college where I started out as an Art Major, then changed my degree to Communications with an emphasis in Photography. To complete my formal education I got a job at a small motion picture studio as a college student and ended up engineering video cameras, hanging green beds, running power, pushing dolly and camera assisting.

I love filming, and when I am not shooting for someone else I have my still camera close. My career is a combination of art and business, keeping on budget, yet making beautiful pictures. The goal is helping to tell the story with the camera. The camera and lighting are not the story, but they support the director and actors in conveying the mood and the feeling to the audience. It is a delicate balance and it is a challenge I welcome. I love looking ahead to new technology and embracing it – if I am not constantly learning, I am not having fun.


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